Personalized Gifts For Personal Connections

connecting companies with clients, employees, partners and more

Special gifts combined with artistic cards for efficient relationship building! New employees Employee birthdays Future customers Repeat customers Holidays Events Thank You Congratulations

Minimal effort for significant impact

You send us names, addresses, and dates or cycles, and we will find the right gifts for your relationship building. The attached cards are created with handwritten fonts and beautiful photographic art of nature, animals, and more. Choose your own message or we can create it for you. We can even create a font from your handwriting so that all cards are sent with it!

After learning about your specific project (e.g., gift price range <$20, < $50, < $200, gift styles, etc.) we will create special offers and provide options (we can add your brand, use your stationary, etc.).
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Why YadNote?
YadNote was first created to help consumers and businesses connect in a meaningful and personal way by launching the YadNote app for fast and efficient sending of handwritten cards. With that knowledge base we expanded to help businesses save time and increase employee, customer, and client loyalty with a tailored gift program. Contact us today so we can help you ASAP!